Meal Seç / Sure Seç

The Scatterers Suresi



51 - The Scatterers
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
1. I swear by the wind that scatters far and wide,
2. Then those clouds bearing the load (of minute things in space).
3. Then those (ships) that glide easily,
4. Then those (angels who) distribute blessings by Our command;
5. What you are threatened with is most surely true,
6. And the judgment must most surely come about.
7. 1 swear by the heaven full of ways.
8. Most surely you are at variance with each other in what you say,
9. He is turned away from it who would be turned away.
10. Cursed be the liars,
11. Who are in a gulf (of ignorance) neglectful;
12. They ask: When is the day of judgment?
13. (It is) the day on which they shall be tried at the fire.
14. Taste your persecution! this is would hasten on.
15. Surely those who guard (against evil) shall be in gardens and fountains.
16. Taking what their Lord gives them; surely they were before that, the doers of good.
17. They used to sleep but little in the night.
18. And in the morning they asked forgiveness.
19. And in their property was a portion due to him who begs and to him who is denied (good).
20. And in the earth there are signs for those who are sure,
21. And in your own souls (too); will you not then see?
22. And in the heaven is your sustenance and what you are threatened with.
23. And by the Lord of the heavens and the earth! it is most surely the truth, just as you do speak.
24. Has there come to you information about the honored guests of Ibrahim?
25. When they entered upon him, they said: Peace. Peace, said he, a strange people.
26. Then he turned aside to his family secretly and brought a fat (roasted) calf,
27. So he brought it near them. He said: What! will you not eat?
28. So he conceived in his mind a fear on account of them. They said: Fear not. And they gave him the good news of a boy possessing knowledge.
29. Then his wife came up in great grief, and she struck her face and said: An old barren woman!
30. They said: Thus says your Lord: Surely He is the Wise, the Knowing.
31. He said: What is your affair then, O messengers!
32. They said: Surely we are sent to a guilty people,
33. That we may send down upon them stone of clay,
34. Sent forth from your Lord for the extravagant.
35. Then We brought forth such as were therein of the believers.
36. But We did not find therein save a (single) house of those who submitted (the Muslims).
37. And We left therein a sign for those who fear the painful punishment.
38. And in Musa: When We sent him to Firon with clear authority.
39. But he turned away with his forces and said: A magician or a mad man.
40. So We seized him and his hosts and hurled them into the sea and he was blamable.
41. And in Ad: When We sent upon them the destructive wind.
42. It did not leave aught on which it blew, but it made it like ashes.
43. And in Samood: When it was said to them: Enjoy yourselves for a while.
44. But they revolted against the commandment of their Lord, so the rumbling overtook them while they saw.
45. So they were not able to rise up, nor could they defend themselves-
46. And the people of Nuh before, surely they were a transgressing people.
47. And the heaven, We raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample.
48. And the earth, We have made it a wide extent; how well have We then spread (it) out.
49. And of everything We have created pairs that you may be mindful.
50. Therefore fly to Allah, surely I am a plain warner to you from Him.
51. And do not set up with Allah another god: surely I am a plain warner to you from Him.
52. Thus there did not come to those before them an apostle but they said: A magician or a mad man.
53. Have they charged each other with this? Nay! they are an inordinate people.
54. Then turn your back upon them for you are not to blame;
55. And continue to remind, for surely the reminder profits the believers.
56. And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me
57. 1 do not desire from them any sustenance and I do not desire that they should feed Me.
58. Surely Allah is the Bestower of sustenance, the Lord of Power, the Strong.
59. So surely those who are unjust shall have a portion like the portion of their companions, therefore let them not ask Me to hasten on.
60. Therefore woe to those who disbelieve because of their day which they are threatened with.
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